Marriage Laws in TX

So you got engaged! Planning a wedding in Texas is always exciting and sometimes overwhelming. Don't get so wrapped up in the moment that you forget this is a legal union and Texas has a few laws you have to obey!

Here's the skinny on what documents to bring with you before you apply for a Texas marriage license.

Requirements may vary as each county in Texas could have their own requirements.
ID Requirement:
In Texas, you will need one valid form of id such as drivers license, certified copy of your birth certificate, U. S. passport, military ID card, and your Social Security number.

Residency Requirement:
It's not required that you are a resident of Texas. Texas is a great destination for your next wedding.
Pre-marital Education: In Texas, couples are encouraged to attend a premarital education course that is at least four hours duration. It must be finished during the year preceding applying for a marriage license. Contact the county clerk for a roster of area course providers.

Previous Marriage:
If divorced within thirty days, Texas requires that you show a certified copy of your divorce decree stating the 30 day waiting period is waived.
Waiting Period in Texas:
The 72 hours (3 days) waiting period in Texas can be waived for active duty military personnel.

Fees and Other Tests:
$31 - $41 CASH. You might think everyone takes plastic these days, however, bringing the green is the only way to secure that piece of paper. The fees may vary from Texas county to county. Blood tests or medical examinations are not required in Texas.

NOTE: Effective September 2008, the license fee will be waived if a couple takes an 8-hour premarital preparation course that covers important marital skills and issues such as conflict management and communication.